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    Growth, Development and Aging is published by contributors and subscribers on a cooperative, nonprofit basis. Researchers of growth, development and aging in all living organisms are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Acceptable approaches include (but are not limited to) anatomy, biochemistry, embryology, genetics, hematology, immunology, mathematics molecular biology, nutrition and physiology. The journal emphasizes basic biology, accepting a broad spectrum of methods and priding itself on an open mind towards unorthodox ideas, but using a rigorous review process. No limits on size are specified, but be as succinct as possible. Usually at least two peer reviewers, not part of the editorial staff, review a manuscript, one expert in the same field and one expert in an adjacent field distant enough to provide perspective. Terse and novel review articles will also be published as will brief editorials and letters to the editor; the latter will not normally be reviewed. Growth, Development and Aging (formerly Growth) was founded in 1937. Former editors include founders F.S. Hammett and S.P. Reimann, plus B.T. Sokoloff, I.C. Diller and G.B. Moment.

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